For over 25 years, Contract Alliance has been representing some of the finest manufacturers in the hospitality industry. Through our manufacturers, we offer a vast range of styles in products as diverse as case goods, outdoor furniture, carpeting, guest room and public space lighting, mirrors, seating, window treatments, and mattresses. Our manufacturers understand what the market requires for design and price.  They also understand the importance of timely delivery. Contract Alliance is able to help bring your projects from concept to reality - within budget and on time.



Over 25 years ago, with mutual respect for one another, an understanding of the market, and a true appreciation of solid manufacturing Sean Taylor and Dave Felter decided to join together to form Contract Alliance. This partnership would prove beneficial to each other as well as the Midwest hospitality community. From there, Sean and Dave grew the solid foundation of what Contract Alliance is today. They shared their knowledge and mentored each member of the team. Their vision was to create a company where clients and partners could trust in the support and service of each of our manufacturers, as well as of each individual at Contract Alliance. We understand it takes more than just one person and one project to stand the test of time and this is due to the wisdom and support that Sean and Dave imparted on us.

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Sean Taylor

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Dave Felter



Team from left to right: Bill Butler, Monica Tsikretsis, Lisa Noe, Jennifer Cal, Andrea Sims, & Joe Houlihan.

Team from left to right: Bill Butler, Monica Tsikretsis, Lisa Noe, Jennifer Cal, Andrea Sims, & Joe Houlihan.



Lisa Homan Noe

Providing a positive sales experience and building lasting client and manufacturer relationships is Lisa’s passion. With over 12 years in the industry, her drive for customer satisfaction and project management helps projects stay on schedule. When not overseeing the day to day sales opportunities and company operations management, Lisa enjoys spending time traveling, knitting and listening to audio books.


Andrea Sims

With over 16 years of industry experience in both Interior Design and Sales Management, Andrea loves being able to help a designer bring their product ideas to life. With focused knowledge in manufacturing of carpet, lighting, furniture and textiles she strives to simplify the custom process for clients. In her spare time Andrea enjoys tennis, travel, and theater.